Driving through those mountains I really couldn't help but sit back and realise how lucky I was to see Canada. Amazing lakes with no rubbish in site, a solo fisherman with a whole lake to himself and black bears strolling along the side of the road. It really was one of those moments you needed... Continue Reading →


Cold but gold!

My apologies for my last entry, I just couldn't help but praise Canada so I thought I would put it into one piece. But back to the adventure itself, our arrival into Canada was met with some colder than expected weather. We flew into Calgary, Alberta which was a location traditionally known for its colder... Continue Reading →


Canada, what can I say! We visited over twenty countries on our adventure and I'm sure all four of us travellers can strongly agree that as a whole Canada was our favourite country. Now, why you ask? There are a number of reasons as to why Canada has such a positive vibe and made a... Continue Reading →

Party In The Desert!

Surprise acts everywhere you look. Snoop dog, Sam Smith, Kanye West, Rihanna and the list goes on. Coachella is well-known for its surprise acts and day 2 was full of them. Back around Year 7 at school we all thought we were thugs and gangsters so NWA was always a dream to see. Ice Cube performed... Continue Reading →


First tip for anyone attending Coachella music festival and needs to make their way there from Santa Monica. Set alarms, and set plenty of them. We learnt the hard way over the course of the trip, don't be scared for multiple alarms! Sleeping in is a big no-no whilst travelling all though I do recommend... Continue Reading →

The Start

Alarm rings at 3:00AM, its Tuesday April 12. A normal freezing cold Melbourne morning, but this one was filled with a little more excitement. The early wake up call was for our small trip to the airport to board our 7AM flight to Los Angeles to embark on a 5 month adventure around the world.... Continue Reading →

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