A different message!

Recently I had the pleasure of watching the wonderful movie ‘Lion’. For anyone out there who is looking for a movie to go and see then do yourself a favor. Don’t usually come on here to write about movies or do comprehensive reviews because I am no good at it and also I haven’t watched to many good movies off late but man, what a well presented story. Even brought a bit of a cry out in me.

For those who have not yet heard of the movie or seen it, it is  the amazing true story based on Saroo Brierley. The sad adventure of how this 5-year-old boy found his way back home after 25 long years. 1986 Saroo was separated from his family and had to survive on streets of India for months. Imagine that, being a 5-year-old with no food no water and no direction and not knowing where your family are. Not to mention you are 1600km’s away and can hardly speak the language let alone speak at all.

Lion was not a normal modern-day movie that struggled to portray a story, but different this movie really put things into perspective and made you look to appreciate the upbringings and current living surroundings we have. I won’t give to much away but put it on the top of the list, treat yourself to some popcorn sit back and enjoy.

Another true story, lately I also watched the Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg produced miniseries ‘Band of brothers’. The show is  about 17 years old now but it also portrays a great insight into what marines had to deal with back in World War II. This is also a highly recommended TV show if you have not had the chance to sit back and watch it, after travelling to a lot of these iconic locations that seen darkness during the 1940’s it was some great viewing and for anyone else who has done a little bit of travel and learnt about some iconic spots than this is a good one. I have also just started watching ‘The Pacific’ which is a follow on from ‘Band of Brothers’. Early feedback though is most girls would not be into this haha! A lot of shooting and action!

Anyways that’s enough from me I thought I would share those with you as I rated them very highly. If anyones got any other shows or movies to pass on then I’m all ears and open to giving them ago…. That until Game of Thrones comes back…. HURRY UP!!



Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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