Just recently I made my way to Canada with my parents, unfortunately we were going for the funeral of my grandfather Dale. I had never experienced a winter within Canada as when we were there last April it was pleasant. Obviously being a saddening situation we were only in Canada for two and a half weeks.

As we landed in Calgary, Alberta the cold was immediate. We could see frozen poles and snow-covered roads and for a man who has only seen snow a hand full of times it was a beautiful site. We ventured to Canada and wanted to celebrate a great life and make the most of our time within the beautiful country.

Our first week was spent within Calgary, Sylvan Lake and Red deer as this was were a large group of our family was located. It was cool to sit back and take in some ice hockey games whilst sipping on a hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s. When we left Melbourne it was 37 Degrees, when we arrived in Canada it was -10 and they referred to it as a very warm week.

The first week was important, it was great to spend time with family and pay respects to such a great man, really showed the importance of family and the many ups and downs that take place. The conclusion of week one resulted in a calmer week 2 and we were able to venture to the beautiful Jasper, Lake Louise & Banff. This was now my second time visiting these amazing locations, quite the contrast travelling with the parents compared to the 3 good mates but it was still spectacular.

I was lucky enough to have a brief catch up with a girl I met at a hostel for about 3 hours, funny how travelling can bring people together. That night in Banff it reached -15 and man it was cold. Following those activities we ventured back to Calgary for a long adventure home. If 30 hours of travel wasn’t bad enough we had to go via the United States and after all they have going on at the moment the airport wasn’t the most pleasant place to be.

If I could summarize my second visit to Canada I would refer to it as just as beautiful in winter and just as pleasant. I previously have referred to Canada as my favorite country and it did not let me down again.

RIP Grandpa Dale – “What a wonderful World”

DO: Visit Canada

DONT: – I’ve got nothing, you can’t go wrong in Canada.


Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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