Another world!

Contiki was all over and we had finally recovered, feeling energized and enthused we met back up with Trav and embarked on our journey to a place we had for so long wanted to get to. Lagos Portugal, a small coastal town known for its amazing nightlife and overall atmosphere. We had heard so many great things about Lagos from Jarans sister who spent almost 6 weeks there, her first tip was to stay at JJ’s yard and what a great Hostel that was.

After an interesting train ride we finally arrived, the weather was as expected and there was people everywhere. Our stay was intended to be 7 nights, this quickly extended to 14 after the first few days. JJ’s yard in a way shaped the rest of our trip, we met a core group of about 20 people there that we ended up remaining in contact with and even travelling with. JJ’s yard is spread over 2 buildings and it is more of a guest house rather than your typical hostel. A normal day in Lagos involved getting up feeling very hung over, stumbling down to the beach for the whole day completing water sports or having a swim before ending up in the common room with other travelers pre-drinking for a night out.

A lot of the Lagos stories are unable to be disclosed on a public blog but I strongly recommend Lagos for anyone out there. There was even an all you can eat sushi spot, the food was a hidden perk and it is very cheap. Countless beer pong tournaments in the common room resulted in some terrible outcomes including lost phones, 300 Euro a night spending’s, Tears, late night visits to the beach, or multiple late night visits to the beach, bongo parties, Countless Strawberry daiquiri’s, Visits from Belgian Dave, random roof top parties, sleepless nights, random Air BnB visits and plenty of dancing at grand cafe.

Our time in Lagos shaped our trip and it was the turning point for realizing just how special traveling can be, a group of new friends that we spent only days with felt like a family and the memories we shared will always be looked back on. One example of this was our time with the Adelaide crew, Carly and Jessie! These two girls are pretty hectic and they lead from the front when it come to a big night in Lagos! The girls loved drinks from the top shelf. Jessie & Carly are two that are a perfect example of the legends you can meet when away and we were lucky to share epic boat parties with them in Lagos, non epic boat parties with them in Ibiza, plenty of celebrity head games in Barcelona and some strawberry Daqs in Ios. “All my Ibiza Ladies”

I’m sure anyone who was with me in Lagos will read this and note just how much good stuff I left out but some stuff is best kept for the guys that were there. If theirs one random person out there having a quick glance at this post, the biggest thing to take away from it is that Lagos should defiantly be included on your future travel plans. Experience the chicken shop and Luigi pizza. Experience the Kayaking around the beautiful sites and take an adventure day by embarking on the beautiful cliff walk.

Lagos, Thank you! Shout out to the JJ’s yard crew! Miss you guys!

DO: Go to the faccacia cafe, All you can eat sushi, Stay at JJ’s, Cafe Odeon

DONT: Go deep-sea fishing (boys spewed for hours), Dont fall in love (Croc), Sleep for 24 straight hours (Carls), VS German girls in beer Pong



Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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