We slowly made our way from London to Berlin to start our 14 day Eastern Road Contiki. A group of 50 people sharing a bus and experiencing some amazing sites around Eastern Europe. We had 2 nights before the Contiki started and were lucky enough to spend this time with a few girls we had met in New York. Luckily they were German so they could show us little language tips and also the spots to visit, for those who don’t know Berlin is regarded as one of the best party spots in the world and it did not disappoint.

We decided to embark to one of Germany’s hofbrauhaus, a wild beer hall with loud traditional music, beautiful German food and a heap of beer. The Hofbrauhaus is certainly a must do if ever in Germany. With the contiki fastly approaching we decided to save our last night with the girls and have a quiet night. The girls made our time overseas more enjoyable and we certainly enjoyed our short time with them.

The real hard work started now, 14 days of going to bed around 5am and waking at 7.30am with countless bus rides and plenty of sore heads. We started our journey in Berlin and really got to know each other there with a crazy night out, the next morning of course us boys slept in and got a call from the contiki leader saying the bus was about to leave. Not a great start but made for a good story. As we stumbled onto the bus looking shocking we made our way to Dresden a rebuilt town that was destroyed during World War II one of many amazing sites. By afternoon we had arrived in the Czech Republic and set loose in its capital the beautiful Prague. Amazing Castles, bridges, Gothic cathedrals and kind people. This was my second time to Prague and it was just as good as the last, make sure you try the famous Prague Ice cream filled Doughnut cone with nutella!

With contiki you blink and you are in another city but it is a great way to get a taste for many spots in a short time, highly recommend checking them out this was my third so I am a fan! From Prague we embarked to the beautiful Vienna in Austria, also my second time here which meant my second visit to the world-famous Schnaps museum. If you’re a fan of alcohol and a heap of it this place is great, the home of absinthe. Now every night on contiki included dinner, pre drinks, discos, 2 hours sleep then a full day of walking and exploring, now you can see why I said it was an effort. On our way to Budapest we stopped for lunch at Bratislava the Slovakian capital, crazy how you can just stop for lunch in a complete new country but we did.

Budapest was next and we had heard so many great things, the beautiful city separated by a river did not let us down. We went to the famous Budapest spa party and man that was not what I expected. A Lot of creepy European dudes so look out girls if you are attending in the near future, still a very unique experience. Make sure you check out the ruin bars in Budapest to, it’s a very quirky fun city and a spot I found livable that is for sure.

Poland was next on our itinerary and we ventured to the capital Krakow a city known for its silver mining heritage here we enjoyed plenty of vodka and traditional food, actually a lot of vodka. Not good. We continued our trip to Warsaw and continued checking out amazing sites and drinking a lot. From there we hit the road back to Berlin were our time on contiki was all but over. It’s always sad saying goodbye to new friends but man we needed some down time after those 14 days. Jaz had been bashed by a taxi driver, he did spew on his leg so probably fair enough but we had some sore heads and needed to rest as this was  the half way point for our trip.

Overall Contiki is great value for money and something I recommend, the tour we embarked on was very history focused which did take its toll by the end. Contiki is a great way to experience a lot of places in a short time, this allows you to get a taste for the spots you may like to return.

DO: Contiki, Poland Vodka

DON’T: Spew on a cab driver

*Poland Is so cheap!!


Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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