Party with the Queen!

The time had come to leave the loud Americans and venture to the land of the English. Seven hours later we touched down at the rainy and cold Heathrow airport in London. Greeting us at the terminal was my god father Eric who was brave enough to take us into his home for a week. This was my second time visiting London and it almost feels like my home away from home. For those who have been there are plenty of Australians and plenty of bars which suits Australians perfectly, we were excited.

As we arrived into the beautiful Clapham we dropped off our bags and essentials and wanted to venture out. There was some good friends from Bendigo who had been living in London for almost two years who offered to take us for some drinks. We ventured to a local pub called the falcon, which I strongly recommend. Now you probably think we are alcoholics and all we did was drink for five months, well your right it was pretty full on looking back. As usual the night escalated and we found ourselves stumbling back to Eric’s place with some sore heads.

The next day consisted of something pretty exciting, Jordan & I were lucky enough to obtain some tickets to Arsenal vs Aston Villa in the English premier league and what an amazing experience that was. 40,000-50,000 screaming fans chanting for 90 plus minutes, it really did remind me of the movie Green Street Hooligans. Attending an English Premier League game is a must if you ever venture to England.

The following few days we didn’t do much to be honest, the change in time difference really did throw us about, but we still made sure we did all the usual London attractions including Buckingham palace, tower bridge and the London Eye (All must do’s). We really tried to use London as a spot to relax and enjoy some home cooked meals as we so desperately needed them. This proved to be a smart decision as we had a 14 day Contiki tour coming next and man was that a heap of partying. London was were we parted ways with one of our crew members, Trav ventured off to commence a three-week Contiki solo.

Must Do: Attend EPL Game, Stay in Clapham, Visit the Falcon

Do Not: Waste as much time sleeping like us




Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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