Snuck Into Bieber Concert!

Picture this, waking up in New York City around 4.30am the room you’re in is not yours, your phones flat, theirs about $1 in your wallet (You bet I used it on $1 Pizza) and you have no idea where your friends or hostel are and you can’t remember a thing. First thought was panic, second was am I going to die and third was I need a phone charger. I woke up grabbed my stuff and ran out of that apartment quicker than Usain Bolt. I had no idea were to walk and it looked like I was in the ghetto, but hey that made for a good travel story and that’s what it’s all about. Luck might have played a part but after about 25 minutes of walking and not knowing what to do I somehow managed to stumble on to 34th & 3rd, thankfully this was our home whilst in NYC. Standard night in the big apple.

Another chilled night in our hostel room with a few drinks quickly escalated, this was becoming a bit of a problem. Sitting there Jaran & I noticed Justin Bieber was playing a concert in Brooklyn, we had no plans so it made sense. First thought was there will be girls everywhere and as young males it was an obvious choice. (secretly don’t mind Biebs tunes). We spent $250 on some of the worst seats you would ever see. But one thing you have to do overseas is sometimes make your own fun. We lasted 5 minutes in those seats and ventured down to level 1 directly in front. As we approached the entrance to the seating area a steward stopped us and asked for our tickets. Obviously we didn’t have any, so we decided just to be friendly Australians and really amplify our accent. After 10 minutes of some sweet talking the female steward waved us through. All of a sudden we were sitting in $3000 seats having the time of our life. Now one thing this experience showed me was there is no harm in asking. Mid way through Justin Biebers set we realised we were sitting next to Will Smiths Son Jaden and The Weekend. This night in particular was very memorable and we sure had some fun.

The sound of sirens constantly through the night whilst hung over is not ideal, our amazing time in New York was coming to an end, we bounced out of bed and ventured towards the $1 pizza stand. “Two pieces and a can of drink thanks” The usual breakfast for hung over Australians in New York. As you could imagine that was the boost of energy we needed to really kick-start our day.

Today’s agenda was a little laid back we wanted to soak up some of that New York sun by jumping on some bikes and riding around the iconic central park. We made our way towards Central Park and what a day it was, theirs not much more satisfying than cruising around central park and soaking it all in. We stopped often to watch games of baseball and soccer and even watch the odd musician bust out a tune. Central Park is one of those destinations you could spend countless hours exploring.
Following our visit to central park we thought we would try our luck in trying to catch a glimpse of the one and only Casey Neistat. For those who do not know Casey he is an American YouTube personality who posts daily Vlogs. He also once had a TV show on HBO called the Neistat brothers and just to add to the resume he is also the co-founder of the social media platform Beme and most days can be seen flying around NYC on a skateboard. Casey was the reason we got through a lot of our wait times at airports and we also just got enjoyment out of his content. We actually stumbled across his office by accident, and we recognized it straight away. Casey is a busy man and  was never going to be easy to catch, the most we seen was his Go Pro hanging from his office window. Shattering I know!

We had a big flight coming up to London so the responsible thing to do was to have a few quiet nights and save the partying for Europe. Wrong! One of our last nights in NYC we ventured to a place called ‘The Standard‘. If you are ever in the big apple put on some nice clothes and venture to this fine establishment. A great spot to visit on a nice night with a beautiful beer garden and a classy bar. A night that started so mellow finished like the hang over movie. New York has it all and that’s why I refer to it as my favorite city to visit, if you are deciding on heading to America than I strongly recommend putting New York on the top of your visit list. New York I will be back to experience more of you and your $1 Pizza.

SPOTS TO VISIT: The Standard, Central Park, Barclays, Bieber Concert

DISCO TIP: Write accommodation address on hand, Take a portable phone charger, Buddy System!

DONT: Venture into the Ghetto even if she’s a solid 10.

ALWAYS: Try make a good story, ask for better seats or take risks.



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