New York City!

New York City without a doubt my favourite place in the world. There are so many reasons as to why this magical city is right at the top of my list, sit back and let me tell you a few little stories and tips for our time in the big apple. Our time in Canada unfortunately had come to a close, but leaving Canada was made easier knowing we had New York up next. This was my second time to this amazing city and man was I excited.

$1 Pizza, Shake Shack and countless other unhealthy food options as we first entered our place of residence on 34th and 3rd. $1 pizza was our worst enemy for the 10 nights we had there, it was just to good to avoid that meant breakfast, lunch and dinner. If there was a part of the trip we substantially put weight on this was it. When in New York you feel the need to get the most out of every single day, sleeping in is not an option and afternoon naps well forget them to.

Four boys all eager to get out and experience everything NYC had to offer, what better place to start than game 3 of the New York Islanders vs Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL playoffs. We had pre purchased tickets from Stub Hub (strongly recommend using stub hub for concerts or sporting events) So we made our way across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Barclay’s centre. The game was epic to say the least, Islanders up 4-3 with 20 seconds left and in enters Tampa bay to tie the game. Overtime was next, and for those who don’t know Ice Hockey plays a ‘next goal’ wins process, you guessed it the Islanders lost. Countless beers thrown onto the ice and aggressive fans hurling abuse at the players and each other, I don’t know about the other boys but I loved every second of it as a sports lover in general it was great to see.


The following day we ventured to the 9/11 memorial for Jordan & I we had already explored the sombre surrounding so we let the other guys have their time to do that. I still remember my first visit to the 9/11 surroundings, what a sad and unique experience that was. The feeling amongst the people and the vibe as a whole is very shallow and sad. The 15th anniversary has just passed, 15 years! How time goes by so quick!

Next hot spot to visit is the Chelsea markets and the High line walk. Now I’m not sure what the walk is like in the cooler months but for us who ventured to NYC in May it was beautiful. I strongly recommend completing the high line walk as it provides magic views of the city with quirky little market stalls and also some delicious street food. We even got to try a so-called ‘Australian Meat Pie’ sorry NYC but it wasn’t even close to a good old four n twenty from Australia.


I feel as though I will be writing many more pieces about New York as there is so much to tell and share, but I will leave this post with a quick story. It was a standard Monday night in the beautiful New York and we decided to try our luck at a few local bars and night clubs, thats right Monday nights in New York feel like a standard Saturday in most other cities. We entered a place called piano bar (really cool spot) The night was filled with many laughs and terrible dance moves and as the night was coming to a close Jaran & I went out the front of piano bar to wait for the others. For some weird reason we started telling these girls and onlookers some of the worst dad jokes you would ever hear, but we soon started attracting a crowd. My first joke was “Whats a pirates favourite letter?” The response in most cases is RRRRRRRRRR….. Wrong its the C! I know I know, not great and it only got worse.

The crowd continue to build and it really did escalate, I’m confident if i put my hat on the floor money would have come flying at me from all angles. All of a sudden 2 african american guys who resembled the likes of Lebron James entered the circle and called us out for a joke battle. I couldn’t have made this up if I tried but we ran with it, back and forward we exchanged dad jokes with 2 guys who looked like they were from NWA. As the battle concluded there was a mutual respect and a show of shaking hands. They raised our hand and said “we are all now known as the RAP SQUAD”. We ended up going to time square with the newly announced rap squad and bored onlookers with dad jokes, that was a standard Monday in New York. Different I know..


SPOTS TO VISIT: HighLine, Chelsea Market, 9/11 Memorial, Barclays Centre, Piano Bar

DONT: Eat to much $1 Pizza

ALWAYS: Join a rap squad



Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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