Driving through those mountains I really couldn’t help but sit back and realise how lucky I was to see Canada. Amazing lakes with no rubbish in site, a solo fisherman with a whole lake to himself and black bears strolling along the side of the road. It really was one of those moments you needed to pinch yourself!


As we made our way through the beautiful rocky mountains we passed on by the iconic Lake Louise, what a site that was. Unfortunately it was frozen over but still a spectacular site that is a must if in the area. Trav thought it would be funny for us to go on a small hike around the lake, turned out it was a bigger walk than we first thought. As you could imagine by this point the fitness levels were below par, it took a while for us to recover. There is possibly no better spot in the world to capture a photo, if you are taking a bad photo at Lake Louise or Canada in general for that matter you are doing something wrong.

After our venture to some quiet spots we embarked on our journey to Banff! I really can’t speak highly enough of Banff, this was the real start of meeting some pretty memorable people. We started our time there with a tough hike up tunnel mountain, yeah remember what I said about the fitness levels? We visited the beautiful two jacks and Minnewanka lakes, and what memorable moments they were (yes they were also frozen). The highlight overall had to be our time in the iconic Samesun hostel. The famous beaver bar treated us really well for our first night and we gave it a little bit of Victorian love. Jordan & Jaran embarrassed them self by getting into what would have looked like a real girly fight for onlookers, following this Jaran sang Britney Spears for karaoke, so you could say the night had some interesting sites.


The following day we really treated ourselves to a sleep in, the beaver bar had won its first encounter with the four of us and I can confirm the struggle was real. We forced ourselves up out of bed and embarked on a drive up the slopes. Jaran & I had never snowboarded at all, let alone hung over. Nervous was my first thought whilst driving to the peek. After a good couple hundred falls and no broken bones we finally got the hang of it. After lunch we thought we were at the winter olympics and man was it a heap of fun. Following our big day on the slopes we thought it would be a good idea to go and purchase three litres of vodka and treat ourselves to a few drinking games, what a major mistake that was.

I won’t go into significant detail about this particular night but I can confirm a movie could well be made about it, there was plenty of spewing, some interesting interactions with locals and the female sort didn’t take to us to well. Overall to give you an idea one of the boys who I won’t disclose woke in a pool of some form of liquid (it was not water), another was face down in something you don’t want to do in your sleep and the third pretty much slept in a bin. Also…. To the local community building in banff, we apologise for any issues that occurred after this particular night.


Our time was full of crazy antics and memorable stories in Banff I can happily say it was one of our favourite spots on the trip. Looking back it was a place to remember a high rating for its scenic sites, people, food and overall experience. Banff for me offered a range of activities for all ages, whether it be partying or the outdoors theres so much to do and take in.

SPOTS TO STAY: Samesun Hostel

SPOTS TO SEE:  Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper, Two Jacks Lake, Lake Minnewanka, BEAVER BAR

WHAT NOT TO DO: Drink 3L of vodka after a full day of snowboarding, Wear T-shirts to the discos (Jackets a must)

P.S I can not confirm the name but I had the best Indian food I have ever had in Jasper – Indian in Canada, weird I know. 


Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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