Cold but gold!

My apologies for my last entry, I just couldn’t help but praise Canada so I thought I would put it into one piece. But back to the adventure itself, our arrival into Canada was met with some colder than expected weather. We flew into Calgary, Alberta which was a location traditionally known for its colder months. Upon arriving we checked into a great hostel in the city called ‘Wicked Hostels’ (Highly recommend this spot) if attending Calgary. It was full of other young travellers from all over the world and the other important thing to note, it was clean!  IMG_5903

Our first couple nights involved plenty of partying and drinking but this was just the usual for the group of us travelling over the 5 month period. We entered a bar called ‘The Ship & Anchor’, for any Canadians out there I’m sure you have heard of this place. Just your normal looking bar but wow was it filled with some different characters. It turned out to be one of the best nights out we had on the trip, there was dance offs, party bingo, beer pong and many more wild activities.

Now if anyone ever asks me again to enter a robot dancing competition I will strongly decline. One particular night the alcohol got the best of me and I jumped on stage to perform some of the worst robot moves you would ever see. In saying that I did place a respectable second, in saying that there was only 3 participants and the guy who came 3rd pretty much passed out on stage but I will take that. Jaran then participated in one of the worst Hoola Hoop battles I have ever witnessed, in total I think it lasted 3 seconds. But that’s pretty standard for Jazzy boy. (Wont be happy about that comment).


Calgary was great, I remember walking into the hostel common room the next night and there was the usual hostel activities taking place. Few people sipping on drinks, couple girls trying to remain healthy and cook up some vegetables, a worker pretending to look busy but really they just want the latest hostel goss. Upon entering the common room, a young guy looked up at me. I felt as though I had seen him somewhere before, than it all clicked. Sitting opposite from me was a guy I went to primary school with in Grade 3. What are the odds! We had a good catch up and a few drinks, but it really showed just how small the world really is.


Calgary was just a short stop before we embarked on our biggest highlight, the rocky mountains. I am very happy we made the decision to visit Calgary, it was not strongly recommended but I guess you make your own fun and that’s we certainly did. We made an effort to meet new people and explore which overall made our time in Calgary positive. If your younger and do enjoy a good time definitely stop by Wicked Hostels then make your way to the ship & anchor and tell us how much fun you had! Next stop was little old Red deer to meet the family!




Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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