Party In The Desert!

Surprise acts everywhere you look. Snoop dog, Sam Smith, Kanye West, Rihanna and the list goes on. Coachella is well-known for its surprise acts and day 2 was full of them. Back around Year 7 at school we all thought we were thugs and gangsters so NWA was always a dream to see. Ice Cube performed at Coachella with most of the NWA crew (obviously Eazy E was not present) Snoop filled the void for Eazy and it was a moment to remember that’s for sure something I won’t forget.

Now Coachella wasn’t just your standard night at Star Bar, there was a lot to take in and a lot of interesting sights, I would be lying if I told you I didn’t fall in love every 5 minutes (Those Cali girls are up there). What stood out most is the people in attendance just had no worries in the world, there was no sign of caring what others thought, no fights, security was chilled and the main objective was everyone was around just to have fun. Interesting to think there was 10 times the amount of people compared to a standard local festival like Groovin the Moo and we didn’t witness one fight at Coachella. Interesting…

Day 2 was a little more planned out and we didn’t lose any of the crew members which is always good. The wallets once again had a rough day and plenty of alcohol was consumed. Now this was supposed to be our last day at the music festival but just like most travel adventures, things change. As day 2 concluded we needed to think ahead as we had an early flight in two days time so the smart travellers would make their way back 2 hours to Los Angeles, we were a little different and discussed the idea of staying another night.


After a bit of a sleep in the next morning we parted ways with our 3 other travel companions and ventured to the airport to hire a car for our venture to Los Angeles. Luck followed us over the next 24 hours, as we hired a car we got a free upgrade to a brand new Chrysler. The plan was to go and say a quick goodbye to our good friends from Atlanta, so we made our way to their hotel. Now the goodbyes quickly turned into a few quick drinks, then it turned into maybe attending day 3 for a couple of hours, then it turned into us spending a heap of cash on a 5 star hotel and staying the night. Now remember we had an early flight to Canada the next morning! The 5 month budget was already looking average.

Trav took one for the team and was responsible enough to take the keys and stay sober for the next 24 hours. Wow what a good decision it turned out to be, Day 3 ended up being our biggest night in terms of drinking and partying, and Calvin Harris put on an absolute show, oh and how can I forget Gun’s n Rose’s! The night had it all. Trav’s biggest test of the weekend had arrived, 7 drunk people wanting to pile into a brand new car instead of catching the bus. At the time a great idea, looking back very stupid. We made it back to the hotel safe and managed to escape about 10 police check points, so Trav still had his license. Time got away from us and at this stage it was 5.15 AM, we needed to depart for Los Angeles at 6AM.


Trav if you are reading this, the lads are thankful for you taking one for the team and driving again that morning. We made it to the airport, well Trav did because we all fell asleep on him. Canada was waiting for us, but the energy levels were a bit low getting on that flight. Getting on flights hung over, sick, or tired turned out to become a regular routine over the 5 months.

Overall Coachella was an 8.5/10, the performances, the people, the security, the layout was all amazing. It’s a festival I would love to return to. The only criticism was the alcohol prices and set up, but that’s expected at such a big festival. If anyone out there doesn’t know what to get me for Christmas I would happily take a Coachella ticket again!

Next Stop Canada..


Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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