First tip for anyone attending Coachella music festival and needs to make their way there from Santa Monica. Set alarms, and set plenty of them. We learnt the hard way over the course of the trip, don’t be scared for multiple alarms! Sleeping in is a big no-no whilst travelling all though I do recommend the odd rest day it was a slow start to our venture to Coachella.

Our departure was slightly later than expected on a beautiful Friday morning in California. The town and country (Our Soccer Mum Van) was looking crisp, the sun was out and the energy levels were back at an all time high. For those who have ventured to Los Angeles before you would know the traffic there is something else, for those who have not visited Los Angeles please allow for a lot of travel time or fly a helicopter as its hectic. This day was no different, it took us roughly 2-4 hours to venture all the way to palm springs with multiple stops along the way.

Palm springs is a good 30-60 mins away from the music festival itself but for the most part a lot of people will stay in palm springs and catch the free shuttle bus service to Coachella. If considering attending the festival than this is something I do recommend as it does get very hot, dry and loud at the festival if you are camping and wanting to catch a quick party nap. Once finally arriving at our palm springs hotel we made our way to the pool with a couple slabs of beer and commenced our Coachella pre drinking. With the sun beaming down, the beers nice and cold the day really couldn’t have been much better. Our goal was to venture to the festival around 3-4 in the afternoon to catch of Monsters and Men! The time had finally arrived to put the party kit on and venture to the buses. Now at this stage we were pretty loose and looking for a good time. The outfits we arrived in were a little different and stood out but that’s all part of it, I reccomend wearing something completley random.



Another friendly Coachella tip – If you want to go off solo for 30 seconds and abandon the group, you may as well say goodbye because you will never find your friends again. This was the case for 1 of the 7 boys we attended day 1 with. He was gone, and not to be seen until about 6AM. He is adamant he had the best day of his life, and I guess when in that situation you make your own fun! Of monsters and men put on an absolute show, it was something to remember. Across the field after their performance we pushed through the crowd to listen to James Bay, now when you thought the last performance was good James stepped it up another level and his performance of ‘let it go’ was up there with the best i’ve seen live.

Friendships, a huge aspect of travelling. This particular day we met some absolute champions from Atlanta. Now the group of girls we randomly met loved to have fun and we were fascinated by their southern accent. ‘Y’all was a word of choice and we got around it. We still remain in contact with the Atlanta girls who introduced us to our now favorite song ‘Panda’! Day 1 had it all and remember in my first post I mentioned those London boys we always bumped into. Well when venturing to the bus home out of nowhere comes the lads. What are the odds! 100,000 people and we find these two again. We believe there was defiantly a tracker in place and they wanted to join the crew!



One more Coachella tip before finishing up on our first day of adventures, if you do one day attend. Make sure you attend absolutely as drunk as possible (if drinking is your thing – It is ours), if you don’t then be prepared to spend a ridiculous amount of money on alcohol and for the most part the lines are significantly long and this can impact your time watching your favourite acts.

The night was over, wrong! 2 HOURS in the line waiting for the buses back to palm springs, feet sore, legs sore from carving up the dance floor (Dancing is a must even though I suck at it). Not an ideal situation, but the fun and people we met on day 1 really made it worth it. When you thought life couldn’t get any better at that point, tomorrow meant day 2 with some even bigger acts.

My day 1 favorites: 


Coachella Tips! 

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Palm Springs!



Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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