The Start

Alarm rings at 3:00AM, its Tuesday April 12. A normal freezing cold Melbourne morning, but this one was filled with a little more excitement. The early wake up call was for our small trip to the airport to board our 7AM flight to Los Angeles to embark on a 5 month adventure around the world. Now this would be my second time to Los Angeles, upon my first visit I was a little let down by the people, pollution and general vibe of the city so I was a bit hesitant about how much fun we would actually have. Seven weary travellers on route to LA was a little dangerous, as soon as the flight attendants came around with the first service we had cracked open our first beer with much joy. The flight included a lot of congregating, drinking, laughs and very little sleep. 14 hours later we landed.

Upon arrival we had a problem. Hiring a car seemed to be a great idea in Australia but witnessing the Los Angeles traffic first hand after a 14 hour flight was a little daunting. My good friend Jaran stood up and decided to take the reins and be the brave one to navigate to our hotel in Santa Monica without any form of google maps or internet. I can happily advise that we made it, but there was some quick lane changes, horns and some very stressed out people seated in this 7 seater soccer mum van. This was an experience that I would not recommend, as we were hopeful the alcohol from the flight had left Jarans System.

The jet lag was not an issue as the excitement had really kicked in. A quiet night to settle in was never going to happen, we made our way directly to staples centre to watch the Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers. The game ended up being a bit of a blow out as the clippers dominated for the most part, but the beers kept coming and the crew was ready for a big night. Out of all the amazing bars, clubs or venues to visit we marched on towards hooters. I would be lying if I said it was boring! There was scooters flying around the bar and TV’s on every wall for the mad sport lovers viewing, and obviously beautiful girls, our sort of venue thats for sure. I Will make special mention of two champion Irish guys we met whilst in Hooters, these guys must of had a tracker on us because we bumped into them at random at further locations including Coachella and New York. Its actually crazy how often we bumped into people we had met prior in other cities, it really can be a small world out there whilst in travel mode.

The next morning the boys woke in Santa Monica with some very sore and batted heads, night one was a wrap and it was a successful night. Our five month adventure had started the way it ended up finishing, hung over, tired, sore and with plenty of stories. We piled into the Town & Country van after everyone finally made there way out of bed and directed ourselves all the way to universal studios. This adventure included just the four of us. Travis, Jaran, Jordan & I (Paul). Now us four embarked on the whole 5 months together but we had 3 lads with us for this first week. This was my second visit to universal but man this next visit was going to be something special, why you ask? HARRY POTTER WORLD had just opened. Now the boys & I are hidden Harry Potter fans so we ran into the magical world as fast as we could. Travellers from all over the world filled with joy and excitement as they laid eyes on this amazing new structure that took roughly two years to complete.

After a draining day at universal we made our way with the full crew to Malibu for some coronas and american food near the ocean. The tiredness of flying and drinking the night before had just started to kick in, bed at this stage was a good idea. We made the brave call to not drink further into the night and save it for day 3 in Los Angeles. Having the night off proved to be a very smart decision considering the week we had to come, but you can’t keep a group of 7 Australian lads down. The Staples Centre was calling our names once again, now this time it was for Game 1 of the 2016 NHL playoffs – Los Angeles Kings vs St Louis Blues. The beers continued to be poured and so early in the trip the wallets had already taken a significant hit, Jaran had found himself speaking Spanish with some older Mexican females so that was a sign we had finally settled into our time abroad. Unfortunately for Jazz he was unsuccessful in his goal of taking both Mexican ladies back to the Santa Monica hotel room.

The adventure had finally started and the warm up was complete, the boys packed there bags gathered all important luggage items and made there way towards the car park to the crowd favourite soccer mum van. The next stop was a place we had looked forward to for a long time, a place that is on most peoples bucket list, a place that is filled with thousands of party goers. This place was the one and only COACHELLA…
I Look forward to sharing with you our Coachella experience.


Whats your favourite place to holiday?

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