A different message!

Recently I had the pleasure of watching the wonderful movie 'Lion'. For anyone out there who is looking for a movie to go and see then do yourself a favor. Don't usually come on here to write about movies or do comprehensive reviews because I am no good at it and also I haven't watched... Continue Reading →


Melbourne This!

Here we go, after a few years of indecision it's all fallen into place. Officially a resident of the big smoke, what a pleasure it is. The daily commute on the bike, the mid-week action and up and down weather. Glad to be apart of it finally. Just 7 weeks ago I decided to step... Continue Reading →


Just recently I made my way to Canada with my parents, unfortunately we were going for the funeral of my grandfather Dale. I had never experienced a winter within Canada as when we were there last April it was pleasant. Obviously being a saddening situation we were only in Canada for two and a half... Continue Reading →

The Run From Hell – PAMPLONA

Lagos had taken its toll on all of us and after some much-needed down time we ventured to Pamplona Spain for the world-famous and heavily criticized 'running with the bulls'. We had got some feedback from some local friends to do it through fanatics. Fanatics is a Australian formed company that runs a number of... Continue Reading →

Another world!

Contiki was all over and we had finally recovered, feeling energized and enthused we met back up with Trav and embarked on our journey to a place we had for so long wanted to get to. Lagos Portugal, a small coastal town known for its amazing nightlife and overall atmosphere. We had heard so many... Continue Reading →


We slowly made our way from London to Berlin to start our 14 day Eastern Road Contiki. A group of 50 people sharing a bus and experiencing some amazing sites around Eastern Europe. We had 2 nights before the Contiki started and were lucky enough to spend this time with a few girls we had... Continue Reading →

Party with the Queen!

The time had come to leave the loud Americans and venture to the land of the English. Seven hours later we touched down at the rainy and cold Heathrow airport in London. Greeting us at the terminal was my god father Eric who was brave enough to take us into his home for a week.... Continue Reading →

Snuck Into Bieber Concert!

Picture this, waking up in New York City around 4.30am the room you're in is not yours, your phones flat, theirs about $1 in your wallet (You bet I used it on $1 Pizza) and you have no idea where your friends or hostel are and you can't remember a thing. First thought was panic, second... Continue Reading →

New York City!

New York City without a doubt my favourite place in the world. There are so many reasons as to why this magical city is right at the top of my list, sit back and let me tell you a few little stories and tips for our time in the big apple. Our time in Canada... Continue Reading →

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